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600 Kw On-Grid Solar Roof-Top in Maharashtra

The solar panels spread across a staggering 60,000 square feet of single roof shed and  generate about 700,000 Units (KWH) annually that will reduce the bill by about 80%.

100 Kw Solar Roof-Top On-Grid & Micro-Grid Storage System

National Institute of Technology - Rourkela 

"M/s. Tech Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has exceeded our expectations in carrying out the works, having carried out the same within the time specified and absolutely as per the drawings, specifications & directions of the relevant orders and our requirements." - NIT 

11.6 Mega Watt Solar Park Ground Mounted Utility Scale System

Developed for a large Cement company to reduce their electricity bills significantly , generates 16.2 Million units per year and saving INR 97 Lakhs per year.

1.2 Kw Off-Grid Solar System with Battery Back -Up

This system was specially designed and developed for 50 branches of a Micro-Finance branch located in rural areas.

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