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School Workshops

One of the verticals of “Be the Light”         Program is Community and School workshops, major revenue from this workshops go towards NGOs and upliftment of the less privileged communities.
We will address the most basic and also most vital questions that students generally ask :-
Why is renewable energy so important today ?
What are the Kinds of renewable energy today ?
What is Solar Energy and Why is it so Important
Where can we get a  first hand experience to see the magic of solar ?

Tech Solar's workshop and presentation was contagious and inspired students to go green. "

Dr. Vandana Arora

Principal - Nahar International School

All Schools should enrol with Tech Solar Workshop >

Tech Solar workshops are fun for children because they get to ask a lot of questions .

We divide the children into small groups and ask them to compete with innovative ideas with a point system to make it more interesting.


We encourage them to take an initiative to save the environment. 

Students can also enrol in our One - Day Solar Camps where they can get the first hand experience of real remote villages in rural areas.

They can help to distribute Tech Solar's unique Solar products . This experience will be a life changing experience for some children.

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